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Live from 30 Nov 2009 - Autism2009

Welcome to Autism2009, the fifth online world conference to be held within the AWARES conference centre. The conference is run by the Editor of Awares, Adam Feinstein, and hosted by Autism Cymru, Wales' National Charity for Autism. Yet again, an unprecedented list of the world's top autism authorities has agreed to take part and you will have a unique opportunity to put your questions directly to them online. In order to meet the full operational costs of running such a unique event, we are having to charge a small minimum entry fee of £5. This is payable when you register. We very much look forward to welcoming you online.

This conference opens on Monday, November 30, 2009, and runs for a week until December 7, 2009. Paper abstracts will be accessible from early November.

Speaker list includes*:

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
Donna Williams
Dr Susan Folstein
Dr Gary Mesibov
Professor Susan Leekam
Dr Wendy Lawson
Dr Manuel Casanova
Stephen Shore
Merry Barua
Thorkil Sonne
Dr Connie Kasari
Dr Dirk Dhossche
Dr Wendy Kates
Dr Darold Treffert
Dr George Anderson
Dr Pamela Heaton
Professor Stuart Murray
Dr Paul Ashwood
Dr Susanne Bejerot
Dr Tom Loucas
Dr Annelies de Bildt
David Saldaña
Dr Naomi Swiezy
Dr Marjorie Solomon
Dr Sara Jane Webb
Dr Alison Lane
Dr Stephen Bent
Dr Melissa Allen Preissler
Dr Lucina Uddin
Dr Mary E. Stewart
Dr Costanza Colombi
Dr Sam Gilbert
Dr Nena Adams
Dr Atsushi Senju
Qazi Fazli Azeem
Dr Christel Depienne
Dr Amanda Ludlow
Dr Sigan Hartley
Dr George Anderson
Jeff Sell
Marlene Briciet Lauritsen
Dr Elizabeth Sheppard
Dr Lisa Wiggins
Dr Tato Sokhadze
Dr Matthew Mosconi
Dr Greg Wallace
Dr Antonio Hardan
Dr Benjamin Yerys
Dr Paul Enticott
Sebastian Dern
Dr Sophie Lind
Dr Valerie Hu
Dr Sam Gilbert
Dr Kenneth Phelps
Dr Sally Clifford
Dr Michele Noterdaeme
Dr Cheryl Dissanayake
Emily Williams
Dr Karl Reichelt
Dr Efrosini Kalyva

The conference will cover the following topics:

Autism and the Brain
Asperger's syndrome
Language issues in autism
Sensory issues
First-hand experiences - Voices from the Spectrum
Biomedical approaches
Behavioural issues
Parents' perspective
Concepts of autism
Emotional issues
Screening and diagnosis
Communication methods
Other theories of autism
Savant syndrome
Socialising difficulties in autism
Autism in adolescents
Adults with autism
Autism and the emergency services
Related conditions

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