quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2008

Começa em breve e Portugal vai estar presente

4th Annual Autscape Conference

About Autscape
Autscape is the first event of its kind in Europe.
The majority of organizers, presenters and participants
are autistic. The environment, schedule,
social expectations and presentations are all designed
for autistic people; effort is made to minimise
sensory and social stressors.
Autscape is a retreat, educational conference and
social gathering. A place to socialise, learn, participate
in activities, and just be yourself. Autistic behaviour
such as repetitive movements (stimming),
obsessions and shutdown is accepted as long as it
does not infringe on the rights or safety of others.
What Happens at Autscape
Autscape has a variety of activities, scheduled and
casual, lecture style and interactive. All are optional. You
may choose to do things alone, with others, or not at all.

Presentations: There will be presentations on topics of
interest to autistic people with an emphasis on inertia
(difficulty getting going) and action this year. In the
past these have included relationships, communication,
organisations, activism and support services.
Workshops: Hands-on workshops in communication,
art, and online resources have been a popular part of the
Autscape programme.
Discussions: Facilitated discussions on hot topics will
be scheduled daily according to interest.
Socialising without pressure: Autscape is a great opportunity
to meet other autistic people. Each participant
is provided with a colour-coded badge to let others
know whether they would like to interact.
Leisure activities: Structured and unstructured
activities such as board games, playing instruments and
singing, watching films or TV programmes, going for
walks, or just having a drink with friends.
Childcare is included in the fee for both autistic and
non-autistic children (up to age 12) accompanying a
parent or carer. For teenagers it is an optional extra.

This Year’s Venue
Accommodation: Rooms are shared between two to
four people. Single rooms are available for an additional
fee of £20. There are no ensuite rooms; all bathroom
facilities are shared.
Meals are served in a communal dining hall, but you
may take your meal away from there. Self-catering is
allowed if needed. Most special diets can be catered for
with advance notice.
Attendance at Autscape includes 3 nights accommodation
and 3 meals per day.
Settle and Giggleswick train stations are within 2-3
miles of the venue. Both have bus stops. Settle station
has a taxi rank and better shelter.
Please note – this year Autscape takes place in Giggleswick school.
Some of the buildings and other areas of this venue have difficult
access. We will do our best to meet access needs but unfortunately
cannot guarantee full accessibility.

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